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The current application of ICT on freight transport, in general for truck mode, is largely supported by and dependent on a number of enabling technologies.

Some of these technological drivers such as transport management system could be considered as mature and well established in the commercial environment, while others are still emerging or in their infancy. Currently there are 13 e-platforms that are active, most of them are focus on truck transport, but some also offer services as sea, air and rail transport.

These e-platforms continue to growth on two ways:

  • Greater use: grow users able to connect cargo to transport across Europe, and freight brokers able to monitor their fleet to ensure they are achieving maximum capacity (or, at least, making sure their trailers are not returning home empty);
  • E-platform development: most modern-platforms offers easy usability, smart algorithms and real-time data integration; they shown the tremendous potential when the right timing, technology and business application come together.

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It is quite hard to know whether we are paying the right price for a transport service. As in other services the price is influenced by many factors and it fluctuates constantly. Then we risk to face problems in performances (price too low) or spending too much (price too high).
With e-procurement assessment we will be able to know the right price for the service we need. It will be possible to evaluate intermodal routes that connect Italy and Croatia, figuring out the best solutions in term of cost and carbon footprint.
The assessment will deliver also a list of suppliers able to perform the service we need.

Try E-procurement solutions to find the most efficient intermodal route for your tranport flows: an easy and strategic tool to compare different transport costs, having a whole vision of the market.

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