Port Service

Port of Ploče Entrance terminal is new opened entrance terminal to Port of Ploče with available space for trucks and other vehicles which transport different type of cargo. At the moment there are 24 places for trucks that transport liquid cargo and 24 place for trucks which transport other type of cargo (containers etc. )

All truck which enter port of Ploče must park on entrance terminal and based on truck announcements enter the port. Truck announcements are entered by stakeholders and without truck announcement trucks can not enter port area.

In real time many truck announcements have been updated on hourly base which have impact on space availability. In real time scenario Port Community System deliver data regarding truck announcements and parking availability.

New entrance terminal has direct road connection from highway and truck are entering parking directly from highway without entering City of Ploče. Entrance Terminal has been built in port of Ploče area, and it is fully automated.